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Monday, August 26, 2019

make kubernetes understand to non technical guys

Lets forget all about technical stuff, lets discuss this in a way that a non-technical guy understands.
You are owner of a building and you have 5 spots where people can enter your building and you want 5 security guards guarding the spots. All good till now.
Now consider one of the guard was out of service for 2 hours due to some personal reasons. Now as a building owner its your responsibility to guard or employ another guard replacing the existing. Do you like to be manually interrupted from your task to look after who is out and whom to replace.
No, no one likes to be. Now the solution could be, go to a third party vendor who provides 24*7 availability of the guards. Its the responsibility of the vendor to make 24*7 availability based on the configuration set(in this case guards guarding).
Now lets replace the characters.

Building -> Your application
Owner -> The application owner
Guards -> Containers
Vendor -> Kubernetes

COnfiguration -> That we make a deal with vendor to maintain appropriate conf 24*7.
This(auto-scaling) is one of the major usecase that kubernetes solves. There are many such usecases

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